Crispy Gamer: Velvet Assassin Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "There are good moments here -- dramatic moments, interesting moments. But, ultimately, the game unfortunately only has a single gear, and that gear is "slow." The sneaking/killing is rendered well enough. But I wanted a counterpoint to that. Let me move; let me go on a rampage; let me have some sort of kinetic, cathartic release. Example: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, after forcing you to creep about for hours, finally lets you hijack a Riot Guard and shoot the holy hell out of everything. Velvet Assassin, without such a cathartic counterpoint, is a disappointing, one-note experience".

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lord_of_balrogs3514d ago

Unsuprising, I didn't expect much from this game.

ButterToast3514d ago

sounds like a good game. apparently though this reviewer has a problem with the stealth game playing like a stealth game and not an action shooter?