Sessler's Soapbox: Japan, Take a Chance

Japanese developed video games have always had a certain...Japanese quality to them. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just always been that way. But there seems to be a wind of change blowing through the world of Japanese game development.

Such is the topic of this week's Soapbox. Adam talks about how he's seem some adjustments in games coming out of Japan, and how he thinks they're finally taking notes on what their Western counterparts have been up to, and are folding those ideas into their game development. Will it make for better games? Or will we lose the originality that Japanese titles have had for so many years?

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TOO PAWNED3520d ago

Ahh it's the guy that began playing games in 2000, what a homo...

iceice1233520d ago

Have me believe you were not born before 2000, grow up.

Blaze9293520d ago

that pic of sessler with that hair is pricless. had to do a double-take on that like whaaaat.

IzKyD13313520d ago

I have to disagree with what he said about Resident Evil 5. The Westernizing actually ruined the game for me, but other than that, I agree

dericb113520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I haven't played RE5 but most people say it not like any of the other one so I can only agree with the popular opinion.

Now my point. I some what like Sessler. Everyone else for G4 are nowhere near him knowledge wise I think. But bringing up Dead Rising is prove that this whole going West idea is really flawed. Dead Rising is fun. I bought it for 360 and loved it. It sold well in the U.S and Europe. Where it didn't sell was in Japan. Simply put it was not made for them. RE5 gets away with this because it a franchise going back to like 1996 (I think not sure).

Is he saying that gaming should turn into FPS and RTS only? That is a main stay of all Western Based games. The sadist part of it all is they see we buy more games in the U.S then anywhere else. Halo and Gears come to mind. But here is something they need to do for them to do that again. Release smaller budget games that are Epic in scale. Final Fantasy VII and Dragon Quest VII don't look as graphically, but like Halo they sell like them in there home country.

Guitardr853520d ago

I have to agree with you! I think that changing the style of RE5 completely ruined it for me as well. The story was still good, but it seemed to loose a certain touch that left the game feeling somewhat generic. I think it's funny that when people talk about "Westernizing" and "Changing", I think of "Way to Easy" and "Poorly Thought Out"!!!

velaxun3520d ago

He makes some good points however you can make the same sort of argument about western games as well. sure we may have a few more "innovative" titles so to speak, but how many FPS's have flooded our market? My point is, that FPS's work for us, but not necessarily the japanese, and their games work for them, but not necessarily for us. See what I mean?

chrisjc3520d ago

Yea...Sessler was a big tool when I first started watching G4 (watch some old videos, he was worse than Jimmy Fallon), and now he's just a spotlight-hog. He may be a cool guy in real life, but I can think of a hundred cool guys I've met that shouldn't be on television.

SinnerMark3520d ago

I think Nintendo is a lot to blame on this issue. Games like Pokemon or other Nintendo franchise havent change that much over the years. Although, the wii has revolutionized the gaming industry. But I think, "westernising" some Japanese games just ruin the feel of those games, just like Resident Evil Franchise for one. I grew up in Asia and moved to US just a few years, and one thing i notice is how much anime based games are being ridiculed in the states. I mean i know a lot of them sucked, but it's really popular in Asia. Which I think this issue is more based upon cultural preferences. To say that western games are more progressive than Japanese/Asian is pure egocentric. I like playing JRPG and anime based fighting games, but i also like playing innovative games once in a while. Games are for fun; changing what works or worked is welcome, but changing the aspect of the game that made it work for the sake of other nation's preference isnt fun at all.

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