Swiff's Rant - Will Uncharted 2's Multi player just be slapped on for the hell of it?

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- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, will the multi player fit the game well?
- I now suffer from the Xbox 360 game buying curse.
- Huge announcement regarding the rant.
- FreeRealms is a cool family mmorpg game, for free (Shout outs to Derek from Ignition Entertainment)

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GWAVE3513d ago

I'm sure Uncharted 2's online WILL be slapped on. It might be good. It might bad, but at least it'll shut up all the weak articles saying "Hmmmm. Is a single-player-only game really worth $60???" while the article writer turns around and lavishes praise upon Bioshock and Mass Effect.

CaseyRyback_CPO3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

While the same singleplayer team is working on single player. And yeap, it was great to see the arguments for Bioshocks SP being great. At least ME has replay ability.

It was just a double standard that PS3 owners are used to come review time. Any reporter/gamer knows that the only negative thing about Uncharted was its lack of multiplayer. Now they add it, and people question it? Gigantic Yawn.

jwatt3513d ago

Clearly the people that think Uncharted's MP will be tacted on didn't watch the interviews or probably didn't watch the MP video. Uncharted's MP wasn't tacked on but weather it's good or not is a different story.

Aclay3513d ago

This is Naughty Dog were talking about, one of the premier Sony 1st party developers, when they do something, they do it right.

And like Casey pointed out, Naughty Dog's internal studio itself GREW and they hired additional guys just to handle the Online portion of the game, Evan Wells pointed that out in his post on the Playstation Blog. And, if Naughty Dog EVER needed assistance they could always drop a line to Guerrilla or Insomniac.

interrergator3512d ago

they never let me down look at all the jak and daxter games they made look at all the crash bandicoots they made

HBK6193513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

This guy isn't too bad, he speaks a lot softer and a lot more directly without stuttering than HHG(Your probably reading this HHG considering you approved this, this ISN'T a blight on you, just the guy does speak very well, softly and without any stutters and straight forward, not saying your bad, just this guy is a lot cleaner), and his points were usually pretty right(In regards to R2 co-op, it was good, but was all but a TDM against the computer with bigger bosses).

Big lol at the "Hope I don't get swine flu" from the mission in Free Realms(Which looks alright, a little stuttery, doubt my computer would run it:( ).

Ps_alm3k3512d ago

the dev say's its not....why won't you believe them, why!!!!????
And if so it is, just F in play the single player only, then quietly put it back on the shelf period.
Would it decline in sales if it had mp, no because now it draws the MP crowd..only increase as i see it.
Did the graphic drop, hell no!!!!
Did they say it was longer then the first heaven yes!!!!
Why are there still doubter, why!!!???

i need a chill pill...

Baba19063512d ago

as long as the single player is as awesome as the first one i dont really care. if i want multiplayer ill play killzone 2 or fat princess.

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