IGN: Batman: Arkham Asylum FreeFlow Blowout

This June everyone's going to get the chance to don the cape and cowl and take on the scum of Gotham City when Batman: Arkham Asylum comes to stores.

However, this game might not be the traditional Batman experience you're banking on. Sure, you're going to be dressed like a badass and using gadgets to take down bad guys, but in this title, the Joker has locked Batman in Arkham and let every crazy out of his cell. What's this mean for Batman's fighting style? Frantic, close-quarters combat, friend. FreeFlow Combat is the feature developer Rocksteady has been touting as the key to separating Batman: Arkham Asylum apart from previous Bat-inspired experiences.

What is FreeFlow Combat? Well, IGN knows it'll let you engage tons of enemies at once, but rather than us stumble through trying to describe it, they have got the video and an interview with Game Director Sefton Hill.

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This game looks like it will be lots of fun. The new trailer is pretty good too. Can't wait for it to be done and to see the reviews.