E3 Marks Beginning of PSP Software Onslaught

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"The PSP has become a very hot subject as of late. With a new PSP to be announced at E3, and a sudden surge of publisher support it would be difficult not to take notice."

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GWAVE3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I'm a big fan of the PSP. It's my most-played platform right now, right before the PC and PS3. 2009 already has some sweet PSP games coming out (LittleBig Planet, Assassin's Creed, Disgaea 2, Monster Hunter Unite, etc) but I'm totally willing to play more games. :)

@ disagrees


Shadow Flare3518d ago

I've owned a psp since launch but recently bought a ds after putting it off for a long, long time. And damn do i respect the psp even more now. There is nothing on the ds except for childish girly crap. The ds may sell more then psp, just like wii and ps3, but it is awful compared. I am really looking forward to the new psp. Sony FTW

ps3gamerkyle3518d ago

All the games you just mentioned is tempting me to get a PSP.. But I'll hold off until the rumors are confirmed about a new PSP.

BrunoM3518d ago

il be geting the new looking psp .. note the LOOKing ..

these new psp is not the psp2 it has a slede screen there is no touch screen and theres only one analog ...

you ask why ? ok i tell you why its not the psp2 its the psp one with a new look harder to hack (think ps3) a new look (looks like wont fell good in the hands to play but it fell great) .. about 16Gig Hdd and the BIG upgrade if we can call it that will be on the online part of it .. think more of iphone web browser ..

but ya any ways il be getting it day one .. o and is not 100% Digital Download ..

Sev3518d ago

@ Bruno,

It is 100% all digital download. Digital download ONLY.

It won't have a UMD drive of any sorts.

ps3gamerkyle3518d ago

Then what approach is Sony taking with a UMD-less PSP? How are they planning on supporting the old PSP owners? Will they forget about them after they release the PSP2/PSP-4000/PSPGo/Whatever it'll be called?

BrunoM3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

i hear you ..

But as u can see on my post i dont say umd in any part and i use the % .... the new psp1.5 ( lets call it 1.5 for the sake of my point) is not the death of the 50Mil psp's with umd's in them ...

E3 will be fun these year .. and as you can tell by my last post i know what im talking about some 1 who has seen it ( you ) wud know im 100% on the money ... but any who .. theres something bigger than psp1.5 coming from sony at e3 Sev .. as u mai know ..

'shud GO back to plst from pc but its just way 2 kool'

ThanatosDMC3518d ago

I cant wait to see how the new PSP would look like. I hope it can support different movie files.

RememberThe3573518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Lets hope your right or your going to look like a moron. lol

But in all honesty I think it's the right move. Retailers haven't really shown the PSP any love so I think it's cool to cut them out and get to content straight to the consumer.

Any word on storage capacity?

MAiKU3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Mods should ban the people who disagreed with you, your entire statement can only be denied by yourself... it's your opinion how can someone just disagree to that?

I guess Hitlers are on this site or something.

BrunoM3517d ago

8Gig and 16Gig 2 colors ... 1 analog sliding screen biggest upgrade the online part of it .. and an amasing looking machine

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PSP23518d ago

gran turismo coming to psp worldwide in 2009 i will buy 6 copies of gran turismo on psp

hopefully microsoft will release forza for the zune i need a flash game on my zune

Sev3518d ago

PSP2? You're not supposed to be around until 2011.

AbyssGravelord3517d ago

"i will buy 6 copies of gran turismo on psp"

LMFAO! That made my day!

DJ3518d ago

But Motorstorm should do for now. =D

swiftshot933518d ago

If the new PSP announced at E3 is the one that is compatible with a new Gran Turismo game, then I will purchase it despite my lack of interest in handheld gaming these days.

Shaka2K63518d ago

Countless of exclusive AAA games for both this year, to bad the same can't be said about the cheap competition though Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa aaaaaa !!!!

NegativeCreep4273518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Is that just about 2-3 weeks ago N4G was flooded with tons of "How Sony Can Redeem The PSP" and "Top X-amount of reasons why PSP has Failed" articles.

I guess the floodgates of fanboyish fud articles was finally sealed, but if I know N4G they won't be sealed for long.

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