IGN: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Hands-On

The MotorStorm franchise has been kicking up dirt on the PlayStation 3 for a couple years now, but it's about to start digging through snow and ice when it hits the PSP and PS2 in the form of MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. Much like its PS3 brethren, Arctic Edge will focus its racing mechanics around an environmental setting (and its hazards), this time of a snow and ice-filled setting.

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remanutd553463d ago

little lunatics unite!!!!!!!!

pain777pas3463d ago

PSP Infrastructure confirmed. Must Buy!

3463d ago
Mcrmarcher3463d ago

If there making it for the psp and ps2, why not make it for the ps3? strange...

heyheyhey3463d ago

smaller studio (Bigbig), smaller budget

maybe Evolution will do their own version of Artic Edge for PS3... hopefully, because it's a cool setting (no pun intended)

Danja3463d ago

def getting it for PSP maybe get the PS2 version also huge Motorstorm fan

swiftshot933463d ago

forget PSP2. Theres no need for a hardware upgrade if we can get graphics like these.

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