WorthPlaying: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Overall, Legends of WrestleMania is the best romp through the WWE I've had the pleasure of playing in years. Between a solid collection of top wrestlers (How many fans would like to beat Vince McMahon into acknowledging the existence of Randy Savage?), a smoother gameplay style that could easily be detailed into a top-notch serious competitive game, and a generally iconic grasp of the world's largest professional wrestling company, Legends of WrestleMania may have potential to capture, but right out the gate, it shows that THQ does still care. Hopefully, we'll see a few sequels to this or the best ideas from here folded back into Smackdown vs. Raw 2010. THQ is sometimes hit-or-miss with their franchises, but this definitely counts as a strong hit".

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