Apple sued for stifling free speech

In the good old days Apple was seen as the champion of free speech and computer of choice for a generation of writers. Now it seems that it is keen on using its army of lawyers to get people it does not like to shut up.

Human rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation is helping the operator of a wiki site sue Jobs' Mob over legal threats Apple made to stifle discussion of iTunes workarounds. OdioWorks, runs a Web site called Bluwiki and it has sued Apple in hopes of securing a legal ruling that would allow it to host discussions regarding the use of alternative music software to manage an iPod or iPhone.

Apple sent OdioWorks a cease-and-desist letter invoking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act after Bluwiki users began discussing software to sync music or videos to iPods or iPhones from sources other than iTunes. OdioWorks complied with the request to remove the discussions, however it wants a ruling that says that the law does not cover those sorts of chats and Apple was wrong trying to bully it into silence.

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Tempist3488d ago

Hahaha, because you know, no one bests Apple at anything! Besides, there are a hundred programs that can do what iTunes does without chocking grip it has on people's media.

Silver3603488d ago

Another company saying you brought our product, but you don't really own it. If you buy you should be able to do whatever you want. If Apple doesn't want you to find alternative ways to sync music then they should lease or give away the ipod and iphone. It is a shamewhen corporations take your money and you still don't own the product they sell you.

SaiyanFury3488d ago

No kidding. Why shouldn't people be able to add media to their Apple media products via some other form than iTunes? Why be locked into one single form of media transfer? On my 32GB Creative Zen X-Fi I can transfer music and make playlists right in My Computer. I don't need proprietary software locking me down into it and forcing me to use it. Apple is in the wrong here, and software developers offering more freedom should not be stifled.

Kakkoii3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Yep. It's a prime example of Totalitarianism.

It's why I despise Apple. Steve Jobs has this exact mind set, anyone can see this by looking at how he runs Apple and it's products.

roflmuffins83488d ago

Another electronics giant that thinks they have more power than they actually have... (sigh)

koehler833487d ago

2 things:

First, don't purchase content on iTunes for any reason and keep copies of your own media backed up on CD/DVD/BD.. whatever.

Second, just hand over control of this wiki discussion to someone outside of the US and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act is meaningless.

Of course, that doesn't result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket, but it sufficiently delivers a middle finger to your oppressors.

commodore643487d ago

1. Microsoft get fined billions by european antitrust courts, for giving us a FREE browser and not forcing us to use it.

2. Apple threatens to throw in jail a website owner for daring to provide an alternative to their pisspoor itunes monopoly.

Now isn't that kinda silly?

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