Gamespot: White Knight Chronicles Hands-On

Already released in Japan on Christmas day, White Knight Chronicles still has a while to go before it is released stateside. At the PlayStation Gamer's Day held by Sony in Los Angeles, Gamespot was able to get some hands-on time with the game to get an idea of how the combat feels and explore some of its features. From what they can tell, it plays like a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, except there's a cap of four characters online and offline. But due to this, it also reminds them of Monster Hunter, in which you take on quests with friends to complete new missions. Whatever the nature of the hybrid, White Knight Chronicles is a good-looking game, with gorgeous cutscenes and lush environments.

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callahan093514d ago

I'm playing this game as we speak. I'm about 20 hours into it. It's really, really fun. The art direction is beautiful and the graphics overall are quite nice, but there are some issues with screen tearing and aliasing. Nevertheless it's a pretty game, and the soundtrack is relaxing and wonderful (I'd actually buy it if I could find one for less than 20 bucks). The combat is engaging, and the character customization is awesome (you design your avatar from top to bottom, every piece of equipment in the game modifies your appearance, so if you wish you can choose your armor pieces and weapons based on appearance to deck yourself out the way you want to look, and you can customize your skill sets, your affinities, and make your own combos!)

Story is kind of meh, but the game is really addictive and that's all that matters. I'll probably buy it again when it comes out in America, but I'll wait until it's price dropped in the distant future since I've already been enjoying the game, I'm not in any hurry to buy a second version and start over. Unless, of course, they announce significant improvements/changes to the game, in which case I'll buy it on release!

Run_bare3513d ago

This better come this year, cause there won't be no time next year since FFXIII and FFXIII Versus come out.
Hopefully before Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain come out.