Despite swine flu fears, E3 progressing as planned

Thanks to Joystiq's chemical inability to modulate their level of fear, they've been in an utter, blind panic since the first time they heard "swine flu" mentioned. The ESA is a lot calmer than them, though, saying that planning for E3, which packs people from every continent into a single building like international sardines, continues without a hitch, despite travel warnings.

"The 2009 E3 Expo is progressing as planned. Public health officials are taking all appropriate steps and we continue to follow their direction on all measures," said ESA spokesman Dan Hewitt. "We look forward to a great event, and to seeing you in Los Angeles in June."

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whoelse3520d ago

A 12 year old girl has Swine Flu and her school is less than two miles from where I live.

But yeah, I would be surprised if E3 would be cancelled from something like this which the media is making such a big deal out of.

PSP23520d ago

someone test aaron greenberg for douche flu