1UP: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Preview

Originally released in Japan as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (recapped in all its glory here), Monster Hunter Freedom Unite carries on Capcom's tradition of mind-bogglingly different names for their games in North America. But hey, at least it's coming here. Nothing short of a phenomenon in Japan -- where 2nd G, a mild upgrade to Monster Hunter Portable/Freedom 2, sold even more copies than its predecessor -- the Monster Hunter franchise has yet to make a meaningful impression in the States, a fact not helped by Capcom leaving the first PS2 sequel, Monster Hunter Dos, back in Japan. They did bring over Monster Hunter Freedom 2, however, so if you're one of the proud few who slogged through enough hours alone, or in close proximity to like-minded friends who also had their own copies, then you'll be glad to know your characters can continue to live on in Freedom Unite.

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