The Portable Gamer iPhone Review | Squares!

TPG says, "In an app store flooded with match three puzzle games, it's nice to see something different. Squares! is an interesting strategy puzzle game that tasks you with changing each of the boxes in a five by five grid from their starting color."

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roblef3277d ago

Match 3 games are so overdone. This one might be worth a check-out, though. Personally, I dig me some Dapple.

supercharger51503277d ago

I couldn't really get in to Dapple. Once everything turns brown, you're screwed.

CrAppleton3277d ago

Judging by what you guys are talking about.. I have the wrong impression of this.. Dapple...

Neco5123277d ago

Dapple? WTF is Dapple?

CrAppleton3277d ago

HAHAHAHAHA... idk either.. Must be an iPhone thing..

Spolodaface3277d ago

You guys still haven't rigged an iPhone competition for me to win.

Not pleased.