Gamereactor Norway review: X-men Origins: Wolverine

Logan bypass the licensing game trap and end up as a credible adventure as successful as it is bloody.

As many years Marvel-nerds, I have been with many ups and downs in the game and film versions of the various heroes. From the usable Spider-Man films and the wonderful old games via the total Hulk-disaster in all media to mixed results in the Iron Man project. X-men films, however, has always gone straight home with me, and the first spin-off is not unexpected Wolverine, a very complex figure who in addition kicking serious butt. 20th Century Fox dare now to nøste up the very obscure past to Wolvie, and it is a fanboysensitivt minefelt where it is almost impossible to do all to the layer while at the same time tells a powerful story.

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Raider693492d ago

Nice review!IGN AU review not to be taken serious,wend compared to this great review from gamereactor!PS3 vs XBOX 360 review version?! just hope not!

Shane Kim3492d ago

Don't trust this review!!! It's made y norweigans and they are wierdos!

belal3492d ago

my first post got aproved :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: i am so haaaaaaaapppy :P

yeah i know i need to go more out :P

but bouble me up :P

MK_Red3491d ago

Wolverine + Blood n Gore (From makers of Soldier of Fortune) = SOLD! Next week can't come soon enough.