AppSmile Review: Sky Force Reloaded

AppSmile writes: "As the tech-world shifts away from the Palm and Windows Mobile OS, more and more of their games are becoming available for the iPhone. The latest is a title all too familiar with PDA toting gamers - Sky Force Reloaded. Originally released in 2006, Infinite Dreams has ported this vertical shooter over to the iPhone OS with minimal changes - smart move by the developers due to the game's proven success on other platforms.

No real back-story exists for Sky Force Reloaded but once immersed in the game you find your mind purely focused on attack and survival. All the original star craft choices remain. We appreciate that Infinite Dreams has specifically engineered each ship with noticeable strengths and weaknesses. As you progress in each of the eight stages, power-ups can be collected as enemies are destroyed. Upgrades consist of lasers, missiles, shield and shot boosts. Our team was amazed at watching our firepower increase to gargantuan levels – a huge plus in the fun-factor category."

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