Killzone 2 hits 1 million players online

A quick look at the leaderboards shows that Killzone 2 has just reached the 1 million players online milestone, just 2 months after its release. By that count, approximately 2/3 of the people that have purchased the game have played a match online.

Guerilla will be further enhancing Killzone 2's multiplayer experience with the Steel and Titanium DLC package, which includes 2 new multiplayer maps and new trophies to collect, later this week. was also recently updated, allowing you to download match replays.

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original seed3492d ago

not really impressed so i moved on. MAG will be my next PS3 online game. Sounds like fun. I sure Zipper will be able to pull it off and make Online play fun.

Anon19743492d ago

Sure is different from COD and it's given me a welcome break. It's been almost a month now for me and I still find it quite addictive.

CaseyRyback_CPO3492d ago

The author needs to mention that these are people that have REGISTERED on If you haven't registered, you wouldn't show up on the site.

Kleptic3492d ago

you would still show up on's warzone leaderboard though...right?...

the member count for is much higher than 1 million...there were several threads yesterday talking about the in game leaderboard for killzone 2 approaching 1 million quickly...and the in game, and leaderboard are the same don't have to have an 'account' at (by linking your PSN account to the site) in order to show up on this player count...or am I missing something?...

CaseyRyback_CPO3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

you have to sign up w/your psn id to kz2 to be counted in that million. It pretty much makes your kz2 profile page.

I tried looking for friends that had the game. But haven't registered on the site yet, can't find em until they logged in to the site.

jammy_703492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

1 mil.. thats great, well done K2 :)

Hellsvacancy3492d ago

Im 1 of those 1 million - a pat on the back 4 me i think :-)

thor3492d ago

Anybody who's played online will show up on the leaderboards. You don't need to register on the site. There are over 1 million people who have played Killzone 2 online.

Lifendz3492d ago

controls are better, but I still prefer R2 or COD4 type controls. Still, KZ2 is so darn pretty to look at and the different classes in MP add a dimension to the game that the others can't touch. I hope they make the AI for the tactician's air support bot a bit tougher cuz getting that badge is a real bish.

MikeMichaels3492d ago

You dont need to register on

If you played, you're on the list.

jaysquared3492d ago

That doesn't mean anything when you have an average of 3 psn ID per console.. How many PS3 owners here have multiple names?

Anon19743491d ago

...people are going to disagree with you. I don't care what console you're talking about. If I went on a news article about Halo and declared that Halo didn't impress me, I'd expect to get a certain amount of disagrees.

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slave2Dcontroller3492d ago

KZ2 online but I'm loving the SP.

shadowfox3492d ago

they are both really epic! going through sp on the hardest difficulty now myself.

Chubear3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

did the same and still playing through the SP. On my 4th play through; playing on easy and sight seeing XD

Good luck... you're gonna need it.. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

SiLeNt KNighT3492d ago

the last battle with radec on elite difficulty is extremely hard. on my stats it says 69 deaths on that level alone. i almost have all the trophies but im still working on the intel. i havent played it in a few weeks, think ill jump on for a bit right now.

cant wait for the DLC!

mt3492d ago

if you dare and do it. MP will suck you and make you forget about the SP.

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SmokingMonkey3492d ago

bring on the maps! i want 100% Killzone2 trophies again!

G4Chicks3492d ago

the new DLC maps looks really good and I can't wait for retro. now if they can just add new guns...

Socomer 19793492d ago

Its perfect for this summer.
i play random or with my clan.
i love all the modes and i even love the rockets that i dodge right before it smacks me in the face.
so many customizable game modes and options.

Eiffel3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I'm kind of skeptical if this is really legit..

Chubear3492d ago

If you've logged onto KZ2's online it registers it on

Eiffel3492d ago

Sorry I've been on N4G to long. Forced habit.

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