appVersity: Kids Vs. Zombies Review

appVersity writes: "Okay… Okay… Everyone who has hung out at this site for a while knows that I love just about anything "Zombie". Perhaps that makes me a little bit unbiased when it comes to reviewing games in this genre, but I think it makes me pay more attention to them. I've played so many of these games that it takes something a little bit "more" to make me really sit up and take notice.

You remember the plot (and the tank) for Zombie Pub Crawl? Yep, that got my interest. So here comes another cool plot for "Kids Vs. Zombies"… A zombie plague breaks out and three kids take refuge in their fort where they have to hold off the relentless horde night after night. Throw in a bunch of cool, upgradable weapons and some cool "boss" zombies and you've got me sitting up straight.

"KVZ" is a very fun and addictive game. The fact that it involves zombies only adds to the pleasure for me, but it's a fun game for anyone who likes fun shoot 'em ups."

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