appVersity: Sticky Licky Review

The first thing that sticks out when you open "Sticky Licky" is the way the menu and everything in the game was done, it's made in a style that gives it a handmade/hand drawn feeling.

In the game you are the frog, "Sticky Licky" and your goal is to survive as long as you can. You do so by eating different insects that have different properties and are worth different amount of points.

The differences in the insects are such as the bee that stings you and you lose health, or like the dragonfly that gives you temporary invulnerability. As you finish levels the time of day changes so the background gets brighter or darker.

When you're in the dark it can be hard to see some of the bugs, so that's when the firefly comes in handy. If you eat it, it makes your tongue glow and illuminates the entire screen in a greenish light. Other bugs such as the mosquito attack you if you don't eat them before they land on you. Another way you can lose health is if you take too long to eat insects.

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