Eye of Judgment with Eye w/ PlayStation Eye: $30 at Walmart

Destructoid: Look, I'm a blogger for a living. It's a fun life and all, but I can't say that I'm rolling in cash come payday (no offense, boss). So, for the day-to-day needs of my life, I visit the Walmart location nearest my house, as I did this day for caffeine and snack food. Sure, Walmart isn't the coolest place ever, but I've got to watch my pocket book. A penny saved is a penny... hey, I wonder what new games they have.

Strolling past the electronics section of the store, I spotted a few good discounts that you might be interested in. The most notable was a bundle containing the PS3 game Eye of Judgment, some cards, and the PlayStation Eye, all for $29.92. That's a fantastic deal seeing as how the bundle is normally $70. Hell, the PlayStation Eye is normally $40. If you're not into cards that come to life (what's wrong with you?), you could just buy this, sell the game, and get that PS3 Eye for even less.

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Nitrowolf23490d ago

That is a very good deal, Eyetoy + game = 30$!!! That cheaper then the Eyetoy itself.

dericb113490d ago

I got mines from there last year for the same price. Its been on clearance for a while but they still have them in stock.

Love the "Fat lady in motorized cart going 2 MPH". Its so true. Being in Houston I get to see it in all colors lol.

himdeel3490d ago

...Wally World just so I can have the PS eye. I have one pal that has this game, maybe I can play with him if I purchase it.

gaffyh3490d ago

I got my copy with PS eye for £17 I think from ebay. But the game is crap really. It had like 2600+ updates when I first put the disc in (dunno if these were optional), and you can't cancel them and they took like 4 hours to download and install!

Also there seem to be recognition problems with the cards sometimes, quite annoying

Allowen3490d ago

I got the PS3 exclusive headset but I use mic of the PS eye a lot more since I preffer to put on my ears a cool and powerfull headphone wireless instead a headset .

For FPS games and stuff I preffer to be able to "see" from what direction the sounds are coming so I can counter attack a possible attack from the sides or behind me.

BTW , th PSEYE rules ! only problem is that there is no mute button like the official Ps3 headset has but the quality of the sound is better on the Eye's mic.