Gamedroid: io Review

Gamedroid writes: "IO the much awaited side scrolling platform game from Chiilingo is finally out ! But unfortunately it seems like someone in the dev team played a joke and released it WAY to soon. The game feels totally unfinished , even from the menu settings things like "Show/Hide FPS" or "Show/Hide Skeleton" point to that. We started a new game and the bad surprises kept coming. It took almost 30 sec to load , most of the screen is covered in controls with huge buttons for JUMP and RUN/WALK/CROUCH toggle and a tiny D-pad that has extremely cramped directionals controls. The actual game screen is half the iPhone's screen size, it looks like a forced 16:9 view. We played a bit , killed a mecha enemy but unfortunately kept dieing soon after for no apparent reason over and over again."

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