148Apps Review: Car Jack Streets

148Apps writes: "There is nothing in the world worse than starting to play a game with expectations. Whether they expectations are bad or good doesn't matter, it's just the fact that you already have some pre-conceived thought in your head about a product that clouds your judgement. I ran into this problem when I first heard about Car Jack Streets. I just knew deep down that I was supposed to like this game. Maybe my pre-conceived opinion was based on the same thing that made Grand Theft Auto and GTA 2 so tempting. I felt in Car Jack Streets, as with the original two GTA games, that I was getting away with something. In a sea of normal platformers and puzzle games, Car Jack Streets, much like GTA before it, is violent… absurdly violent if you think about it. The premise of the whole game is to steal cars to do jobs to pay back a mob boss. Senseless death is just a side effect… something that you become desensitized to almost instantly. Running over and shooting people is just how the game works, and I'm quite glad that Apple let the game into the iTunes store."

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