Gamespot: Infamous Updated Hands-On

Infamous made a strong showing at last year's E3 with its combination of electrically charged superpowers and free-roaming sandbox mayhem, and since then it's become a game that many PlayStation 3 owners have been eagerly anticipating. That wait won't last much longer, given that Infamous is slated to ship in just a few short weeks on May 26. Before the game arrives in stores, Sony gave Gamespot the chance to spend a bit more time with Infamous at a Seattle press event. What made this hands-on session with Infamous special is that they got to see a variety of mission types, from drawn-out story events complete with epic boss battles to brief and purely optional side quests.

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jBat173456d ago

every sentence in this preview is good news to me.. i love casual, forgiving platformer like uncharted. visually, it's unreasonable to expect it to look like KZ2 but the main thing is it tops any sandbox game out there..

TheExecutive3455d ago

i guess i dont know of any other sandbox game out there that looks nearly as good as this.

Socomer 19793455d ago

the combos are going to be sick to pull off.