Rumored PS Store Content for 04/30/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Back again for another weekly Rumored PS Store content. This week has me rather excited since, we get the PSN exclusive demo for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2! That's certainly not all we get to look forward to, as the first DLC pack for Killzone 2 drops, and we get more exciting DLC for Burnout Paradise."

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Nitrowolf23516d ago

looks like a good week, can't wait for MVSC.

solidt123516d ago

Very good week. OMG I can't believe Burn Out is still churning out DLC, incredible!!! Killzone 2 DLC - Steel and Titanium Pack MUST BUY!!!

rawd3516d ago

Burnout will never die!

Lucreto3516d ago

I look forward to the Egyptian Mythology pack for LBP.

PotNoodle3516d ago

Yay, killzone 2 maps! :D

DJ3516d ago


That Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo is going to get 10 million downloads, i bet you.

ExcelKnight3516d ago

Nothing of interest this time around. Not a fighter fan and I'm just not interested enough in Killzone 2 right now to even want to play new maps. Cops & Robbers could have been interesting, but I'm currently burnt out from playing Burnout Paradise for the time being. Might grab it at a later date.

Here's hoping they at least round this thing out with a couple of Disgaea 3 characters... (I've given up on wishing for PSOne games)

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The story is too old to be commented.