Ubisoft Announces 2009-10 Games Line-up Including Ghost Recon 4 writes: "Ubisoft released its full 2008-09 sales report today and within its six PDF pages is their games line-up for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. They include seven franchise games (including Ghost Recon 4), four licensed titles (including James Cameron's Avatar), three new IPs (including I am Alive), and some additional casual titles for the Nintendo Wii..."

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Gamer_Politics3513d ago

i'm not buying anything from ubisoft that company just ruins everything they touch

Lucreto3513d ago

I loved Assassins Creed and Prince of Persia.

slave2Dcontroller3513d ago

with your opinion. I really dont care about any of these games aside from Splinter Cell:Conviction. I mean the last time it was shown was just out-right laughable IMHO.

Sam Fisher looked a hot-homeless-mess. I couldnt believe how bad Ubisoft wrecked their best franchise. I LOVE the OG Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, and Choas Theory. They lost me after that though with all that Double Agent BS.

I want SOOoOoO bad for them to take Splinter Cell:Convivtion back to the true SC roots. So Ubisoft if your reading this(I wish), me and my 360 would be very f'n HAPPY!!!

Freak of Nature3512d ago

Assassins creed 2,SCC are top tier upcoming games for me....

I am curious about Avatar,and I am alive....Avatar has me worried being a licensed property....But you can always hope....

It's too bad I will have to wait until Spring 10' at the very earliest for Beyond good and evil 2....

Now will they ever go back to Rayman? Perhaps after BG&E2? I hope so...

killercow3513d ago

So no bge 2 before 2011 huh? Awwww man so long before getting it !

Freak of Nature3512d ago

It's the 09'/10' fiscal year...Which ends at the end of March 10'...

Beyond good and evil 2 is one of my most anticipated games.And I was hoping for a Spring 10' release,still has a chance....I hope we get some new info at E3...

locos853512d ago

I thought it was GRAW 3...... where did 4 come from??

bigjclassic3512d ago

all they have to do is give us a decent online mode and WiiMotion plus.
If they can nail this right, they may have a big hit.

Roddur3512d ago

there is not online mp for red steel 2

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The story is too old to be commented.