GameSpy - Infamous: Superhero Genesis, or Fun With Voltage

GameSpy: Lots of good superhero games exist. If you're a comic fan, chances are you've swung through the streets as Spidey, knocked out some teeth as the Bat, and sliced up Sentinels as Wolverine. I have fond memories of these titles myself, as they let me play out all the fantasies that I was previously relegated to enacting with toys in my backyard. But while playing as my favorite heroes was fun, it never challenged the part of my imagination that loved to create my own stories. After all, I was playing people who had years of fiction building up their histories, leaving me little room to define my own narrative for them.

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Shane Kim3513d ago

Sounds like ANOTHER AAAAAA game for Sony.

aldesko3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I don't have anything iffy to say about Infamous so far."


and his name isn't Cole Jones haha