Feed Your Console: Ubisoft officially announces Red Steel 2 - Wii Exclusive

Feed Your Console Says:

Today Ubisoft announced the upcoming sequel Red Steel 2 exclusive on the Wii. This will be the first Ubisoft title to use the Wii motion plus. Sharpen your Swords and get your guns out of storage - your going in to the desert.

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ChickeyCantor3520d ago

" Set in a desert-bound, high-tech metropolis,"

...interesting, if you play as the guy with the cowboy hat that would be awesome.

SinnedNogara3520d ago

Well, this is interesting (and awesome). They better not use the Unreal Engine 2.5 and upgrade to something like Quantam3 though.

SinnedNogara3520d ago

Uh, Killzone 1 sucked, but Killzone 2 was awesome.

ChickeyCantor3519d ago

Yeah according to metacritics, Killzone 1 was 7.3, and on user rating 7.3 and for redsteel 7.0

People like this troll don't get this.

But then again, i have the feeling this is a genius troll with lots of stamina. He must own all consoles...his way of trolling is just out of this world.