InFamous: Monstrous Machine Gameplay

Gametrailers presents:

"The metal of this bridge will twist and melt as you pursue a monstrous machine."

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TheHater3492d ago

Fricken brutal. I want this baby now. Only 28 days left.

Nikuma3492d ago

...I'm getting more and more excited about this game with every video. When I first saw this game I wasn't impressed or blown away, but this game looks amazing now. Day 1 purchase.

DUHH3492d ago

Game looks promising, and with they Uncharted 2 beta when you preorder it you an't go wrong! Day one purchase for sure.

Elvfam5113492d ago

"This ends now.................Holy sh!t"

Doppy3492d ago

I'm really looking forward to InFamous. I wish the boss did more than just throw whatever that was (the bridge shouldn't be broke so he should be crawling around the entire bridge attacking you), but it still looks [email protected]$$.

InFamous the 3rd person Lightning Action/Adventure Open World Shooter

u got owned3492d ago

This game is gonna own!!! I must admit when this game was announced I wasn't too excited about it, but now I just want this game, it looks fun.

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remanutd553492d ago

it keeps getting better and better

DragonWarrior_43492d ago

This or Prototype? Hmmm,, is Prototype even in the same league as this game? LOL.

Ryo-Hazuki3492d ago

Only the 360 fanboys would think prototype is better....its funny cause thats the only choice they got. In all seriousness, Infamous is above and beyond prototype..scores will show that in due time

PotNoodle3492d ago

Prototype will be a good game, however - it looks like all the rest of the games that studio has pumped out - just mindless killing and smashing things, it'll be fun for a while but gets old.

inFamous looks like a much deeper game with a better developed story.

Ju3492d ago

Why does Prototype need to come up in every inFamous thread ?

DUHH3492d ago

I agree with Ju. Everytime this game pops up someone bad mouths Prototype or the other way around. Just play both games. No need to diss other games cause one game is exclusive or the other way around!

Ryo-Hazuki3492d ago

Prototype is nothing more than a replica of the incredible hulk game

xionpunk3492d ago

I decided to go with Infamous before I pick up Prototype, (I still want both). This just looks so polished. Without playing it I can already get a sense that I'll love it. Hopefully I'll be electrocuting as well as consuming dudes by early June :D

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LarVanian3492d ago

This is the boss fight that appeared in the E3 2007 trailer (Very first inFamous footage).
I was actually wondering if they removed the level since then.

TheHater3492d ago

same here. I though it was remove, but I guess not. But the design has change.

lh_swe3492d ago

I cannot wait, seriously I'd do anything to get my hands on this game.

McMee3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Anything?! Mwaha ha ha ha. No but for real this game looks great. I was in the same league of skeptiscism at the beginning, I think it was because the original trailers felt empty, I'm pretty sure it was because they hadnt implmented any of the songs from the soundtrack. But now the game is a day for sure. By the way nice avatar.

lh_swe3491d ago

Standing up for one of THE best series of games in the world in my mind GOD OF WAR!!!!

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