Insomniac: "The PS3 is easier to Develop for than the PS2"

The Power Review: Nathaniel Bell - Senior Environment Artist for Insomniac Games gave his insights at the Triangle Game Conference about what it's like to develop on the Playstation 3 console. He has as first hand experience developing environments for several Ratchet and Clank games as well as both Resistance titles for the PS3.

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remanutd553519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

i hope after a Crack in Time they announce a new ip then they can go back to R3 lol, one can only dream

EDIT: at interrogator i hope not , i hope it becomes reality , i hope the platformer/rpg rumor becomes true

interrergator3519d ago

i think it might just stay a dream lol well im still prayin

lloyd_wonder3519d ago

I hope Insomniac goes back to Resistance 3. This time with campaign co-op, and 16 vs 16 multiplayer, or just 8 vs 8.

UNCyrus3519d ago

they didn't hint at what titles they were working on other than Crack in Time... sorry that I couldn't get more info guys

AAACE53519d ago

By this same amount of time the Ps2 was crankin out at least 2 games a week, and had at least 100 more games at about this time in it's life cycle. If the Ps3 really is easier, then there should be waaay more games currently available.

Wait a minute... there would be, but Ps3 gamers are more concerned with having the best graphics than having more variety like with the Ps1 and Ps2.

The Lazy One3519d ago

the senior environmental artist would know.

I bet the 360 and PS3 are both harder to develop for than the PS2 just because the code on each is more complex just by nature of engine evolution.

Tomdc3519d ago

just because its easier doesn't mean it takes less time and the costs involved in making a game now are far greater, due to both the increased time taken and other elements.

Its exactly the same situation for the 360 except that console has no GOOD predeccesor to compare it to. =D

RememberThe3573518d ago

Sorry buddy but your argument is full of half thoughts and loose logic. The fact is that there are a number of factors that add to the development decrease we are seeing. These include coast and increasingly detailed environments that take more time to make. Also it should be noted the this is not a generalized statement by Insomniac. This is however, a statement about their own personal development and the tools that they have created to work with the PS3.

pain777pas3518d ago

They say this only because they are awesome. Plain and simply a real creative and quality driven developers that I can blindly buy any game they release.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3518d ago

It's easier to make PS2 quality games on PS3 than on PS2. However, to get the PS3 to squeeze most of its power, it is the hardest console to develop for, ever.

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dericb113519d ago

I mean why the hell did they let all those other developers beat the PS3 into the ground for over a year and then decide to say the system is not that not to work with. Honestly if everyone knew they had it easy they could have been giving tip and helping others. None, we got tons people think the 360 is god sent.

Sony one thing you need to do for E3 is get everyone who had problems developing for the PS3 with the people who don't and set-up a better contact support. Sony has done so much that this would stop the Sony bashers from this complaint and they get make up a new one.

TheHater3519d ago

You do know that Insomniac has a section on their website for other developers right? The share all the codes and info with other developers and don't care how the code is used.

UNCyrus3519d ago

all developers work with eachother, but there are specifics that the engineers develop specifically for their company and their games...

pain777pas3518d ago

They beat Sony down because there is a learning curve for the new tech brought to the table and I cannot be happier with the results of those who chose to find out how this baby works. The PS3 will continue to push even when new systems are shipped. There could be some blackhole processing techniques yet to be discovered. Last comment I made is a stretch but........ can I dream?

Ps_alm3k3519d ago

These guys don't sleep until they finish their games..
Sony have very unique developers : )

tiamat53519d ago

I always knew that. The only reason that was said was so that companies would have an excuse not to develop for Sony because they are in last place. If Sony was on top and kicking Microsoft's and Nintendo's butts from day one they would be clamoring all over Sony to develop for them with no excuses.

Kamikaze1353519d ago

They aren't as restricted by the hardware.

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