Blu-Ray and downloads up but DVD sales slump

US home entertainment revenues are down 5% year-on-year for Q1 2009, according to a report from Digital Entertainment Group. DVD sales dropped 14%, hitting the industry hard. However, sales of Blu-Ray discs and digital downloads provided an encouraging fillip.

Total US revenues from home entertainment reached just USD5.3bn for the quarter, with DVD sales accounting for more than half of all sales despite declining by 14%. Blu-Ray revenues more than doubled to USD230m and digital downloads grew by 19% to reach USD487m.

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GWAVE3456d ago

Bu bu bu but Blu Ray be dead?

dude_uk3456d ago

my friends do not see what's so good about blu-ray..

I have told them so many times what's GREAT about blu-ray and how much better it is from normal DVD, but they keep saying "I would not pay £20 for a blu-ray just because its a little better"....

they know nothing =/

Ps_alm3k3456d ago

Rise of the black beast!!!!

Hallucinate3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

god damnit people dont you know were not supposed to advance in our technology..
although with DD sales up, thats kinda wierd..o well

lloyd_wonder3456d ago

How long has DD been around?


ultimolu3456d ago

Here b/f the bluray ish ded comments. :x

LinuxGuru3456d ago


Long live the 12 year old DVD format and forever may it live!


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