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user94220773150d ago

AWESOME! The Ghost Recon games are the absolute sh1t! Still One of the best shooters around.

green3150d ago

I love them to bits.Have played and completed all of them apart from Advanced Warfighter 2.

ape0073149d ago

one of the very first game that gave me the feeling of "next gen"

totally blew me when I bought the 360,I was like OMG

loved graw and really hope for big imrprovmrnts to happen,I don't want it to be graw 1 or 2+

mitchell is the man



good times

y0haN3149d ago

With GRAW & GRAW2, I prefer the PC version, 1st person mechanics seem to work better.

Elven63149d ago

Ghost Recon is awesome! I hope they make GRAW 3 to at least finish the story after the somewhat cliff hanger ending. Although the release of Endwar kinda ruined the suspense built by it :(

y0haN: In the console versions you can switch between first and third person view in the options menu. The first person is more so the classic Ghost Recon view, of course the game was built with third person in mind.

NegativeCreepWA3149d ago

Don't worry ape every other GR is when its upgraded its always been that way. That's why its been over two years since the last one.

GR1/GR1 Island Thunder
GR2/GR2 Summit Strike

I don't think it'll change much in terms of game-play on the multi-player side, GR fans are like Socom fans, to much change will piss them off.

morganfell3149d ago

This isn't GRAW. It is going back to Ghost Recon with more reliance on grit and less reliance on technology. It will remind you a great deal of SOCOM.

kwicksandz3149d ago

I played the sh1t out of the GR1 Demo on PC and later the campaign in the full game back in the day. Really intense in a game where you can die in one bullet!

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TheColbertinator3150d ago

Thats cool.I wonder which high tech weapons we shall get to use

Grown Folks Talk3150d ago

they follow suit with R6V:2, & have the co-op campaign integrated with the cutscenes instead of broken into multiplayer style chapters. It would be so much better if co-op plays like a single player experience.

potenquatro3150d ago

I don't like RSV2 campaing as much as the multiplayer, but Ubi really made a complete game with RSV2. If only they nade more dlc maps for it. Still it's the only game I've played an entire gen since HL2 and fightnight.

Grown Folks Talk3150d ago

I hope it has drop in/out at any time as well.

outlawlife3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

a lot of good shooters coming up

operation flashpoint 2 in the summer

modern warfare 2 in the fall

ghost recon at some point, it actually would be interesting if thy pitted GR4 up against MW2 in the fall

G4Chicks3149d ago

are you sure operation flashpoint is coming this summer?

outlawlife3149d ago

its slated for july supposedly

expect a showing at e3

G4Chicks3149d ago

okay cool ill be looking for that. i wanted a sim shooter but my computer takes to long to get AmArm. so its either Socom or Operation Flashpoint

Timesplitter143149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Ghost Recon's getting repetitive

mboojigga3149d ago

Whatever Ghost recon is one of the original games to be treated with proper content from addon to DLC content. I still pop it in for 3 every now and then to play online.

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