G4TV Hands-On: 'MAG'

G4TV: Zipper Interactive is nothing if not ambitious. The company created one of the first PlayStation 2 online games with the original SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs back in 2002, and was able to take the PS2's last-gen hardware and networking capability and create a groundbreaking action series. The beefed up power and networking of the PlayStation 3 inspired the company to create a MAG. An entirely new IP, MAG was originally subtitled "Massive Action Game," and "massive" is the right word here: This PS3 exclusive first-person shooter will allow for 256-player battles. That's eight times as many players in a game as any previous Zipper title.

I got my hands on MAG at Zipper's office in Seattle and was able to put the combat game through its paces during a very short 20 minute play session. As the game wraps up its alpha phase, its remarkable as much for its scale as its unique gameplay features.

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