Eurogamer: M.A.G. Hands-on

When Sony revealed MAG - no-one's referring to it as Massive Action Game any more, it seems - at E3 last year, its promise of 256-player online modern warfare raised a few eyebrows. Not that we didn't believe it; we did, however, wonder how it could possibly hang together. Even in MMOs, you rarely get that many people in a single conflict, and when it does happen (in EVE Online, say) precious few understand what's going on, or can perceive it through the juddering lag. Surely a multiplayer FPS on that scale could only go one of two ways: complex, tactical and dry, or sheer bloody chaos.

MAG is fun. In fact, it's massive fun. It's fast and loose, free-flowing, improvisational, spectacular, structured without being too rigid; it accommodates lone wolves, team players and power-trippers alike, and makes it easy for players themselves to direct the action. You'd expect it to be intimidating, but it actually feels like the FPS for everybody. Even after just one 20-minute, 128-player match, it's hard to shake the feeling that, one day, all multiplayer shooters will be made in its image.

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lociefer3487d ago

godddddaaamn thts a huge number + great graphics + stable connection = rrod

Ps_alm3k3487d ago

here is a nuke for u....the MAG BOMB!!!!

LarVanian3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

This game is running 256 players online and still looks as good as COD4 (Probably better by release).

@ Daniel
I was referring to graphics not overall game quality :)

ThatDamnGeordie3487d ago

na i dont think it will be as good as cod but it looks and sounds pretty decent

warhawk+cod+battlefield+PS3=M AG

PSP23487d ago

thank you Zipper Interactive for Massive Action Gameplay

dash--3487d ago

Can u imagine what this system will be doing in five years!

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