Red Steel 2 this holiday, to "revolutionize" the genre

TVGB: "Ubisoft has just sent over an official announcement, saying the sequel to the Wii launch title will be arriving this holiday season."

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Smacktard3489d ago

Fantastic. Just take a year-off now to make a good multiplayer system and watch the sales quadruple.

GWAVE3489d ago

The first one was actually pretty good and the graphics weren't too bad (yup. Get past the first few levels until you get to Japan and the graphics looked good for a Wii launch title).

I hope they tighten up the controls and improve the sword fighting sequences in this one.

Like it or not, but the Wii HAS done some impressive things in the FPS genre, namely Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Metroid Prime 3, and the first Red Steel.

bushfan3489d ago the first one did it! yeah sure

SinnedNogara3489d ago

Just remeber that Red Steel 1 was rushed to get to the release date, and, uhhh, Ubisoft sucks with Wii games (Prince of Persia on teh Wii, Far Cry Vengeance).

Ubisoft had two/three years to make a good game (and get a new engine). Hope it works.

G4Chicks3489d ago

the single player to me felt like a complete tutorial for the 4 player split screen. me and my friends laughed for hours in red steel's multiplayer:) there were so many funny glitches

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jay23489d ago

to "revolutionize" the genre

Not on the Wii......... Too few poeple will buy it.

ChickeyCantor3489d ago

Holy crap, this guy doesn't know the difference between "defining a genre" and sales.


ChickeyCantor3489d ago

Amazing how the same amount disagreed with me, and agreed with him.
I guess more people don't know the difference, how sad.
No wonder the gaming community is F, they hardly use their brains.

SinnedNogara3489d ago

@ jay2 and chasegamez27

How come the first one sold 1 million??

I hope they use a new engine. Unreal Engine 2 doesn't look Unreal anymore (the Wii can do it in it's sleep).

N4g_null3489d ago

jay2 -

"to "revolutionize" the genre

Not on the Wii......... Too few poeple will buy it. "

That is what many said about casual games. This is also what many said about console that cost 499 two year plus into it's life.

The fact is people will buy it if it is good. It does not matter what system it is on because HD gamers bought two systems just to play some games so that is not a barrier.

It may sell slow it may sell fast who knows but if a broken game like red steel can sell then red steel 2 has a lot of hope. There are at least 1.5 million hardcore gamers on the Wii, just look at red steel, res evil 4, other games that slow rolled themselves to a million.

The more and more of these games that come out the faster the sells will ramp up, all publisher should know this by now. I think 1.5 million is a nice number to shoot for and there is a lot of profit at that number on the Wii when you look at production cost.

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3489d ago
deshon093489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )


the first one was ok but not great it mite be better with motion pulse if it uses it
but change the genre no

Eiffel3489d ago

*Reads comments*

Generalizing, Yep I'm on N4G.

leftbehindxp3489d ago

Dude its like this in every thread. Bickering, lacking logical or deep thought comments most of the time. I'm on your side, this is defiantly N4G

kesvalk3489d ago

i get depressed when i see this comments too, it's such a humongous lack of thought and such fanboysm...

i am stoping to read the comments...

N4g_null3489d ago

This is what is killing the hardcore, the very fans that claim they are hardcore. They believe it means "standing up" for their console by putting every thing else down at all times.

I was right there when the neo geo failed LOL I still had fun with it. I was right there when the dreamcast fail and had lots of fun with it.
I was right there when the NGC and N64 fail and still had fun with it.

I was also there having fun with my dvd player/PS2 and my snes when they where on top. Hell I even bought 3 PS2 because they broke LOL, RROD my a$$! Actually my last PS2 just broke will I get a PS3 maybe not?

Any way there seem to be more kids online this gen claiming to be grown ups. The adults online tend to work in the industry and this becomes there place to vent. A lot of people in the industry are looking for work right now which may mean more rants about why some thing else caused them to loose their job LOL.

Yet the HD crowd is completely frustrated this gen. They will be leaving this gen also because most people don't stick around once there ideas of what gaming is fail.

Hardcore gamers use to have lots of friend then we all grew up and people grew out of gaming due to various reasons. Life is pretty hard you know till you get your career started. The last thing people are thinking about now are HD games or gaming. Only kids are thinking about this stuff right now or people who actually get a pay check from PR work to game development.

I'm thinking a lot of these guys here are part of the gaming blog sphere and just don't want to say any thing deep because they would rather put that on their own site. Have you noticed how many readers of N4g are actually posters of new from their own blogg?

Kotaku they are coming for you but most of them fail to realize how is actualy coming to there site.

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