Pre-order Dragon Age and level up quicker when you play

DarkZero: Gamestop have published a listing of what you get when you pre-order Dragon Age up on their US site. Unlike other titles, you won't be getting a silly t-shirt, or some tiny figure that you will no doubt lose. Instead, you'll get two in-game items you can choose to equip as you play.

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outlawlife3492d ago

i'm so sick of the preorder bonuses

you shouldn't punish people because they don't preorder

SpoonyRedMage3492d ago

I know, I wanted the Chief stuff for Fable 2 and I didn't know it was pre-order only. That was a real shame.

outlawlife3492d ago

find somebody who has it, they can trade it to you

DeadGirls3492d ago

Greedy c0ck-mongering pieces of sh1t

AssassinHD3492d ago

It isn't healthy to hold back like that. Tell us how you really feel.

DeadGirls3491d ago

Sometimes I can't contain my rage...

GameStop won't like me when I'm angry.