Why Did EA Choose Fitzgerald & Polamalu For Madden 10?

GrE writes, "For the first time in the 21 year history of the Madden NFL franchise, two athletes will grace the cover of the award winning football franchise. But why did EA decide that two players were worthy of gracing the cover together?

Both players are leaders of their side of the field, Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu are the epitome of offensive and defensive battle."

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Neco5123493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

The look like a great fit to me! Judging by their stats, I don't think anyone can argue with EA's decision

CrAppleton3493d ago

The stats prove that they're both worthy of the cover. It is strange though that EA would go and change a 21 year long tradition of having only ONE player on the cover

bgrundman3493d ago

Personally, I don't understand why they didn't do this sooner.

Neco5123493d ago

IDK, I think they are both deserving, but being on the cover was like winning the Heisman trophy or something of gaming

CrAppleton3493d ago

The Heisman Trophy of gaming? seriously? I wouldn't say it's THAT big of an honor to be on the cover. Cool yes.. but seriously.. the Heisman? nah..

nbsmatambo3492d ago

so does this mean the Madden Curse will hit 2 players this year?

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Kaecyus3493d ago

Why oh why do they do this?!

They'll slip up and it'll just mean MOAR lawsuits in the future.

Silly Madden.

bgrundman3493d ago

Well the lawsuits are from the legend players that they used/exploited for years without ever giving them a penny.

Neco5123493d ago

It's great exposure for the players. They shouldn't b!tch about it

CrAppleton3493d ago

Exposure doesn't matter when you're retired.. I guess you're right for the up and coming players.. but retired players need the $$$

bgrundman3493d ago

Anybody think that a yearly Madden game is a bit much? maybe they should do a core game that gets expanded each season with DLC.

reluctant_gamer3493d ago

I love Polamalu! They both more than deserve to be featured. I mean, I don't follow football and I know who they both are.

Spolodaface3493d ago

They decided to as they realised it was a good marketing gimmick - just like they did previously with Ali/Tyson on the Fight Night cover.

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