Loot Ninja Review: Lux-Pain

Loot Ninja writes: "Lux-Pain is one of those games that you think is going to be great because it looks cool, sounds cool, and has anime characters that look like they're up to just one thing: to be badass. The cover alone will make you think the damn thing is some sort of RPG/Action Adventure element; but it's not. Far from it, in fact. Sure it comes with a "Free Lux-Pain Artbook" that'll probably have fans of the anime art style rubbing their sack for some time, but for a gamer (at this point, hardcore or not, it doesn't matter) the game is just… well, not as good as you'd hope for it to be.. Whether or not Ignition Entertainment was trying to disappoint gamers is questionable; and why the fuck they decided to localize this compilation of utter confusion overseas is beyond my understanding. Maybe Japanese folks love this genre over there (hell, they play rape games, for crying out loud); but anywhere else, I'm pretty sure that folks like to "do things" whilst playing their game. The 2% of wannabe-Japanese gamers doesn't constitute the horrific experience I've endured."

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