Microsoft defends itself against antitrust charges

Antitrust regulators heard from Microsoft lawyers late yesterday evening - a hearing is part of the regulatory process the European Union undertakes when it's investigating a company.

A new front in the EU's continuing antitrust claims against Microsoft opened last January when regulators responded to fresh allegations of software bundling.

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Godmars2903456d ago

While making the latest version of IE mandatory, creating a game network that excludes other OS and the biggie; wanting to patent smilies...

Elven63456d ago

What they should do is not bundle any browser with Windows, lets see how people get on the internet now! :O

Baka-akaB3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I agree with anti-trust charges , always have , but it should have been for many other things than IE ...

Like many points out , without IE installed , how do you even go get opera , firefox or anything ? You're without internet access basically .

Of course the solution exist , like Vendors actually giving you a browser of choice from the moment of purchase .

The part of IE where they deserves to take a bullet , is how they fake it into the system as an essential component that cant be removed .

Pixel_Addict3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I hope you are kidding...

First of all, companies can simply offer consumers a different bundle or have multiple internet interfaces at once, allow the consumer to choose.

What is more puzzling is the fanboy defence of Microsoft, not to mention the author of the article, Magee. Microsoft has gotten away with their monopoly here in the US for decades because they have powerful lobbyists at their disposal. Microsoft spends millions of dollars lobbying our sellout-congress to prevent LEGITIMATE anti-trust lawsuits from being heard and anti-trust laws from effecting Microsoft's illegal monopoly over software industry.

Just because MS fanboys have become use to pain of being buttf***ed doesn't mean it isn't happening. I've been using Lynx and Apple for years, as a way around Microsoft's BS, but recently I regrettably bought a Laptop with Windows Vista and my computer usage as been a nightmare of slow incompatible buggy unreliable software.

By the way... Sony is a prime example of the power of companies competing for consumers. Sony had it easy for almost a decade in dominance and then this generation, after dumb mistake after the other, they have managed to comeback swinging. It's the competition that has created the amazing line up before us. Sony was a great company and now with their backs against the wall they HAVE to get their sh*t together instead of lollygagging like they had been with the piddle software they released on the PS2.

heroicjanitor3456d ago

What piddle software did Sony release for the ps2? Ico, Shadow of the Colossus,dark cloud 1 and 2, the gran turismos, killzone,the ratchet and clanks and let's not forget the god of wars, they put out quality regardless of whether they are winning, unlike nintendo.

FantasyStar3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Dude, IE8 is not mandatory. I'm still running IE7 and I'm fine. My dad is using IE6 on his XP PC and he's fine. Granted, I'm typing this on Firefox cause Microsoft isn't forcing me to use IE.

Baka-akaB3456d ago


I agree for most of your post , except that silly and weird PS2 blurb .

Care to shine a light upon those horrible sony ps2 game ? from the top of my head i can only name Killzone1 , and that was at least a treat for the eyes ,even if a mediocre game .

Otherwise pretty much every year , Sony pushed the console hard with hits .

Pixel_Addict3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I never said they didn't release ANY good software for the PS2. That's why they are a great company; Sony has managed to build a great 1st party development backbone, but there were plenty of shovelware allowed on the PS2... in other words they never pushed for innovation till the Xbox started picking up steam. Sony had to release Killzone in response the Halo's growing popularity. SOTC, is a great game, just not a mainstream hit.

I digress... Sony THEMSELVES have always released good games... but nothing strong and interesting with such mainstream appeal as their upcoming line up, not in a long while.

FarEastOrient3456d ago

ummm... You know the EU has an interesting way of attacking IE since you need IE to even download Firefox, Opera, or even Safari which is also fixed Macintosh's operating system. So who next EU, Macintosh too??

Baka-akaB3456d ago

I still disagree , i mean look already at your example Killzone really for pushing innovation ?
I didnt much change in Sony's game before and after xbox , besides precisely Sony mistakenly trying to compete with Killzone 1 ...

They always had that strong line up you speak of , just no real competition in front of them ... xbox 1 included .

Your argument however becomes true when it comes to ps3 , where they blew it at first , became pretentious and too confident , fell victim as well of too much and yet expected bias , and now brings again their A game .

Godmars2903456d ago

Aside from not being forgiven for asking $700 for the PS3, I'd really love to know what real mistakes Sony's made. Calling them out on 3rd party shovelware doesn't cut it.

Meanwhile you've got MS with the RRoD and how they handled that, not to mention calling the monopolizing act of buying DLC and treating it as if its innovation.

Sarick3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

If they don't want it pre-installed just be fair have a program that list browsers etc that people can select what browser they want from the list and the OS installs it.

If your gonna bundle IE bundle in the OS bundle other browsers as well. That way when a user clicks internet it puts up options to install one of the other free browsers.

NO MORE ANTI-TRUST if Firefox and Chrome is bundled with the OS as well.

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Roper3163456d ago

people just want the choice to be able to remove the most insecure browser that is out on the market.

Jockamo3456d ago

do your research troll

maxcer3456d ago

agreed, that's what i do when i'm reformatting a computer with XP, before the ethernet cable is plugged in I uninstall IE, install anti-vir, then install firefox with no-script

i don't think i have used IE in over 4 years

Pixel_Addict3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Here is a fact: Microsoft is a more powerful experienced company and should have already had a browser up to snuff LOOOONG before Mozilla. So basically your saying is... decades of sh**y versions of Explorer and NOW they have managed (after sweating the competition) have finally created something quasi secure? By the way, I don't think IE8 is THAT much more secure than Firefox or Chrome.

It took COMPETITION to get MS to step up their game. That is the entire point of why Microsoft shouldn't be allowed to continue as a monopoly and how they have single handedly stifled the growth of software across the board.

Godmars2903456d ago

The early days of the internet when providers offered discs that offered a rudimentary connection and access to several actual browsers? Netscape was well on the way to claiming the #1 spot as AOL lost popularity, then suddenly MS restricted access to several Window applications and anything else crashed and burned overnight. Literally.

That's how MS handles competition. Not by making any kind of improvements with their products.

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lh_swe3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

It's about time something is being done.

koehler833456d ago

Does Apple OS X not come with Safari? QuickTime Player? iLife?

I don't understand what the difference is. OF COURSE Microsoft is going to bundle their browser with Windows. Every OS needs an internet browser, if only to go online and download the browser of your choice. Does anyone expect Coca-Cola to put a can of Pepsi in every case?

They HAVE a proprietary browser. It is free! Why WOULDN'T it be on the OS disc? How is that anti-trust? Every other browser is just as free...

Ugh.. I just don't get it.

Roper3163456d ago

it's not the fact that it comes bundled with the OS it is the fact that you are unable to remove it from the OS. If MS took the time to make a quality secure browser noone would care. But they don't and then to not allow the removal is the problem that people have.

Neo6043456d ago

no one should trust MS except the 360 owner.

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