inFAMOUS- Trophies and Stunts

With inFAMOUS shipping in less than a month, you guys are probably starting to wonder about what types of trophies and stunts (yes, there will be stunts) will be in the game. Well, I'm here today to give you a brief inFAMOUS trophy and stunt lowdown.

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remanutd553490d ago

nice, given sucker punch close relationship with sony do you guys think they have shared technology with other first and second party studios???

TheExecutive3490d ago

Well, from what I have seen from the game so far it is THE best looking open world game we have seen this generation, so I would say they probably got some help.

The game looks sweet but I dont think their trophies look all that "interesting". Good thing i dont play for trophies!

TheHater3490d ago

All Sony first and second party developers share technology. If you look at the credit for Sony first party games, you will notice how other Sony first party studios names are listed there.

Christopher3490d ago

Based on what developers have said, almost everything at Sony is shared. They all say it's like working with one big family, each one willing to help out whenever they can, especially with Sony backing (and likely encouraging through desired means) this sort of work ethic.

thomo18883490d ago

Yeah for example Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog Studios regulary play each other at dodge ball!

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slave2Dcontroller3490d ago

So, inFamous went from a game that I thought I would pass on, to a game that I am really f'n excited to get on Day1. It was even sweeter for me when I got off work and went to the mall to pre-order it, came home and got on N4G and discoveres that the Uncharted2 MP demo would be included with game.

A very nice suprise and it was a good day for me.