Environmental Sustainability of the Games Industry

The environmental sustainability of the game industry is one which has largely been ignored. The power required to run the next-gen consoles is staggering and the waste produced from the games themselves is disgusting. A solution needs to be found.

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syvergy3456d ago

Very interesting stuff!

chrisjc3456d ago

Yea. It's hard to grasp the concept of games affecting the environment. Most gamers are wasteful slobs and wouldn't think twice! ;D

stevedawonder3456d ago

I have to say that I had never thought of it this way, has anyone else?

Clance3456d ago

Really insightful, well researched piece... bravo!

Dimly3456d ago

Only time will tell how well this industry will sustain itself as the enviroment slowly degrees. Buy yeah, OnLive could possibly cut down manufacturing costs and emissions.

Fullish3456d ago

Haha thats honestly the first reason i've had why i might be interested in onlive

chrisjc3456d ago

OnLive.....time will tell if it will actually work.


Sangria3456d ago

I totally agree with the article, however i don't think people should evilize once more video games because of their anti-ecologic influence.
Actually, a lot of entertainments are passively against the ecology.

How many resources are needed to do a movie, including special effects, vehicles, cinema staff, etc...? How is the Nascar / Formula 1 impact on the CO2 emissions? How much Watts eats Undertaker's entrance in each WWE match? How many trees will be killed for the next Harry Potter? How much plastic will be used to cover next Madonna's album?

And it may be even worst if you work for a hypermarket, for example. You will see how much plastic and cardboard are used for every daily delivery for each shop, which will never be recycled. It can become a psychosis in which we can point out many ecological abuses.

However, it may not be conscious or explicit but companies keep working on optimizing it. Less resources used means more profit for companies, explaining the expanding of digital distribution like do Valve, Sony with future PSP titles, Microsoft with movies, etc... And hardwares benefit of those enhancements too, as they tend to consume less power each hardware update.

STK0263456d ago

it's true that entertainment uses ressources, however, pretty much everything these days does. Also, movies use CG alot more than before, which reduces the need for real explosion and stuff. Video games are going for digital distribution. Books can now be purchased digitally. Cars are going hybrid and even electric. Also, plastic, glass and paper is being recycled more than before.

As for electricity, while I'm not saying we should waste it, doesn't have to have an impact on the environment. Not every country uses coal and nuclear power as their main source of energy. And if one day we get to control a nuclear fusion (or is it fission, can't remember...) reactor, we will get a nearly unlimited amount of power, with about no effect on the environment.

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