BioWare - 360, PS3 and PC all getting platform-specific Dragon Age controls

VG247: Dragon Age: Origins is to have controls specifically designed for whichever of the game's three platforms gamers choose to play on, BioWare has told VG247, meaning players should feel as though the title was made for their system.

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GWAVE3489d ago

Optional mouse control for PS3?

Plz plz plz

The Matrix3489d ago

Is it a bad thing that Bioware is working on Mass Effect 2 and this game at the exact same time... Yes maybe they have two teams but something is being sacrificed because of it.

green3489d ago

This game does not really spark my interest that much but it's from Bioware so i am definitely buying it.

Gamer_Politics3488d ago

hope the combat controls are like mass effect or else i'm not buying