Edge: Rogue Warrior Preview

"This place is God-damned begging for party favours," grumbles Mickey Rourke, the man who'll be playing self-fuelled military legend Dick Marcinko in the game of his book. Dick's in cover at the moment, giving everyone a chance to admire the physics in his long pony tail. "Jesus fucking Christ," he notes as his cover is blown. The music signals a change from stealth mode to assault mode.

"Fuck," Dick notes wryly, as he's hit by a Korean bullet, and resumes cover until regeneration heals his wounds. Sensing an incomplete thought, he develops the notion. "Fuck me," he concludes, dashing to another cover node. As the last enemy is despatched, he solemnly states, "No problem".

That's Rogue Warrior pretty much summed up. It's a combination of stealthy infiltration and gung ho assault in which the stealth elements are completely optional. Every action is punctuated by Mickey Rourke swearing at you. Shoot out a light fitting and take out the luckless soldier who investigates, and he grumbles "April Fool, motherfucker".

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