Giant Bombcast - 4/28/09

Jeff returns from London just in time for a deluge of UK snacks and to talk about Bethesda's 2009 lineup, the importance of exclamation points, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, Six Days in Fallujah, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, dream sandwiches, and more!

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TOO PAWNED3515d ago

Just another "I love my 360" podcast. Gave it a try few times and i run away from it like it is AIDS. If you are only PS3 owner, don't even bother listening to this.

sack_boi3515d ago

You've been reported as Spam.

xionpunk3514d ago

Hey I only have a PS3, and guess what? GiantBomb has the greatest gaming podcast on the web.

Jackel20723514d ago

HA! i spit in your face. They are far from fanboys! GREATEST PODCAST EVER!

xionpunk3514d ago

I totally agree. GiantBomb has probably the most unbiased staff I have ever seen. GIANTBOMB!!