Next-Generation Systems Look Beyond Blu-ray

Holography is a technology that has been used in a variety of formats for many years. Projecting a series of light patterns to an optical input (such as the human eye or, in this case, a data-reading laser) the capabilities of holographic projection have thus far been limited to large-scale tourist attractions and a handful of Arcade machines from the late 90's in the public sector (aside from various medical implementations). However, a US research team, General Electric, claim to have capitalised on the possibilities of the technology by delivering holographic optical media with the capacity of around one-hundred standard DVDs on a single disc.

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snaz273514d ago

its nice to know that playstation already has the tech to play these holographic discs... and it looks like ms is gonna have to eat some humble pie and pay sony royaltys to use blu-ray.... unless they come up with their own new disc storage... as they wont be using dvd9 again surely? lol... and with some ps3 exclusives already maxing out the 50gb blu-rays it makes sense really that the next gen will need even bigger size discs... unless they go for download only (which would piss me right off) i like having a physical product... hmmmm guess well just have to wait and see wont we... btw i cant approve articles but if anyone reads this that can could you please approve it cos its actually very good info thanks.

cyguration3514d ago

I didn't know about the Wii thing either.

So Nintendo has the potential (if they use this) to royally kick Sony and MS's butt with the Wii2 by capturing casual gamers and having high-tech hardware?

stickskills3514d ago

The Wii capturing both markets would be scary, but I think that this would benefit Microsoft and Sony more in the long run. Good article!

table3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

to have a proper well written article on N4G. Take note HHG.

jack_burt0n3514d ago

discs are already in commercial tests.

cjflora3514d ago

There was an article awhile back too, about Panasonic I think, that said they were able to create a 16 layer disc using Bluray technology it looks like there are a few companies looking to create a larger capacity disc. They only thing I don't get is all of these people who claim that right now Bluray is a lost cause, but now we get excited about another disc with higher capacity? Hmmm...maybe all of these people who keep claiming Blueray is nothing will be ok with these formats? I guess it depends on if the Xbox is going to use it, because if it's just Sony again people will call it crap again. It's "cool" to hate I guess...

nefertis3514d ago

Kojima prayed for this because he said 50gigs wasn't enough for him to expand his creativity he want more, Sony always thinking ahead and now this will give them the upper head next gen when ps4 come out.

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