190° Update brings new features

The site recently received an update allowing you to upload and download battle replays and also updates to the main page with things such as Featured and Upcoming Tournaments and also Featured Matches, and plenty more.

Seb also says among other things that the site is undergoing PSN wide maintenance and will not be up until later in the day. He also says that the release notes for the site's recent update will be posted up once the site is back up and running.

motherh666 says: "its back. Bigger and better than ever. its clicking into place now and will take a while to reach everywhere. There is however some PSN wide maintenance for the next few hours, so it will not show any game date. Will all be back up and running later today. We'll post a list of updates in a news post on the site when its ready.

2 days till "Steel & Titanium", patches and server updates with new features in the works, site update done. Who says we're not doing anything for you crazy kids."

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Agheil3456d ago

I never really used the Kz site but i might try it now.

Lifendz3456d ago

I saw the battle replay thing and it wasn't what I thought it would be. Still, they're listening to the fans and hopefully they continue to do so as the community grows.

I have to commend them for not completely changing the control scheme to be more like R2 or COD4 but if they were to patch in the option to play with those type of controls I would be tempted.

One of the best games I've played in a long while. Working on my top 1% trophy now.

Mindboggle3455d ago

You can change the control layout to COD4 layout. Its called alternative 2 in the options. This has been here since launch...

XxSpiiKeZxX3455d ago

GG has to be one of the best developers out there
they are so supportive and always think about the consumers
ive always wanted to download the battle replay i was ready to use comcast geuss they solved that for me

PotNoodle3456d ago

<3 the integration

poopsack3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

replay thing seems awesome! itd be so cool if there was actually the entire game there, but I guess thatd have to have the engine running on ur pc. :C

Capt CHAOS3456d ago

With the PS3's better connectivity (browser etc.), you could upload your ingame action into websites straight off..

_Q_3456d ago

The site still takes friggin forever to load up. So i'm gonna continue to not use the site....

himdeel3456d ago

...due to loading pages etc etc. However it's pretty decent, when it works.

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