New Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days trailer

A brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has been released.

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mdt hunter3490d ago

i wonder when it will be release outside japan

MasFlowKiller3490d ago

Looks Great ill get a DS just o play it

SpoonyRedMage3490d ago

It looks great indeed, also if you're getting a DS for this check out the other SE games on the DS, they're all good(except the Taito ones).

Square Enix is probbaly the best dev besides Nintendo on the DS.

kesvalk3489d ago

dude... i am dying to play this

like... i am really dying... prolly i will not be able to sleep well tonight...

i am learning japanese only to play this!!!

rezzah3489d ago

Jeez I love the theme song for Kingdom Hearts. Too bad its for the DS. Sony PSP is better so I'm waiting for Brith By sleep.