IGN X-Men Origins: Wolverine AU Game Review

IGN AU reviews X-Men Origins: Wolverine - "Make no mistake – Wolverine's latest outing is undoubtedly the best he's led, but it has more in common with a hack-and-slashy version of Tomb Raider, crossed with the scale and grandiose of God of War – with adamantium claws, of course. Really, you could retitle this thing 'Logan Croft Origins: God of Killing and Crate Shifting'. "

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Shane Kim3464d ago

Are reviewers scoring low just because it's a movie game? It looked so cool.

Baka-akaB3464d ago

Imo its just that there is no way to do a great job on a movie game , and i mean one that get released at the same time as the movie .

Movie games done without the release pressure like Riddick or blade runner can be great . But otherwise it's doomed to fail , or just be average .

DelbertGrady3464d ago

I think you're on to something.

"a hack-and-slashy version of Tomb Raider, crossed with the scale and grandiose of God of War – with adamantium claws, of course."

Sounds just what I'm looking for =)

drdre743464d ago

EPIC FAIL! i'll pass on this game and wait on a real hero game Infamous!

butterfinger3464d ago

that inFAMOUS is better than this game considering Sucker Punch's track record, but I would call this game "epic fail".

butterfinger3464d ago

I wouldn't* call this game epic fail.

raztad3464d ago


What a shame, I was expecting something much better than that. Im going to see how it does in other sites.

DelbertGrady3464d ago

Why not try it before you decide if it's good or bad?

Nineball21123464d ago

Well, it's basically a 7/10, which isn't a horrible score.

I won't be getting it at this point, but once it drops in price, it might be worth it...

It's at least worth a rental, it seems.

Montrealien3464d ago

having played a good portion of the game, I have to say, it is really fun. I definite rental for people that enjoy action games, and maybe even a purchase for Wolverine fans. I really dig the leveling system, it adds a lot to what would usually be a basic movie based action game.

oh, and its brutal, oh so wonderfully brutal.

lh_swe3464d ago

Because that would be a waste of money. Thats why we have reviews, there is bound to be one site out there that everyone agree's with if not just keep looking.
btw check out Noobtoob and independent gaming podcast on Youtube with some seriously funny dudes:)

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peeps3464d ago

wasn't really interested in this because 1) it's a movie game (enough said, basically a cash in on the movie. needs to release the same time etc etc etc) and 2) cus by being a movie title it releases on every planet under the sun, thus proving that it is all about cashing in on a game when the movie releases

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