Capcom to bypass UMD for Fate/Unlimited, but insist that UMD 'still important'

MCV are reporting that Capcom's Fate/Unlimited will be a digital release for the PSP in Europe, rather than a UMD. This follows the earlier announcement that the US release would also be digital, but Capcom has told MCV that they will continue to support UMD: "Certainly for us PSP is very important – more so with Monster Hunter coming – than maybe any other publisher."

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PotNoodle3456d ago

If this whole PSP Go! thing is real, then i'll be buying another. This will get me back into portable gaming. Having to carry around games kills it for me.

Baka-akaB3456d ago

Me too , wich is why i hacked my psp , to carries my games and the obvious advantages of homebrews and emu .

At first i didnt care , but having to carry around multiple disc is a bother

Baka-akaB3456d ago

to the ninja naysayer , get a life , i'm talking about game i owns . And besides most psp users than can do hack the console , weither they keep buying games or not