New Monsters In Hellgate: London Patch 1.5

IncGamers has some details of the new monsters that will be turning up in HanbitSoft's Patch 1.5 for Hellgate: London.

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AndyA3490d ago

Sounds like a decent update.

Leord3490d ago

I heard somewhere that Flagship were just 2 weeks away of launching this when they had to close down...

Cogo3490d ago

Well it (was) a good game. Too bad they are not letting Hanbitsoft take over the EU development.

Leord3490d ago

Yeah, I actually had a great time playing the game when it was on line.

Mikerra173490d ago

I thought this game was going to shut down...

cjp4eva3490d ago

Let this game die already!
It was the biggest POS I've ever played!

Baka-akaB3490d ago

I was a buggy piece of junk imo , but at least someone is trying to do something with it ... wich is nice

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