WCG Ultimate Gamer Season Finale: Who Walked Away With it All?

Quentyn from writes: "The season finale of World Cyber Games' premiere show Ultimate Gamer aired last night on SciFi, and the closing was a classic end to a spectacle for all gamers. Only one would walk away with $100,000, the Ultimate Samsung electronics prize, and the title of the WCG Ultimate Gamer, who would go on to represent WCG at sponsored events around the world. Who goes home and who wins it all? What did we think of the final results?

***As I hate being a spoiler monkey, I'm going to give a clear warning for anyone who cares to find the results after the jump.***

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ogwilson3513d ago

Really wish robert would've won

JsonHenry3513d ago

Mark is the better gamer. He could pick up anything for the first time and do better than average. Robert was good at a few things but chokes under pressure and seemed to have a hard time learning new games.

However, not a single person on the show is what I would have considered a top tier gamer. There was no PS3/PC/Handheld gaming done.

blackboyunltd3513d ago

wow didn't see this happening, robert = choke master

kewlkat0073513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Robert did choke, wasn't he up 3-0 on Soul Caliber? Plus he was using a character most noobz smash buttons with, I though he had it fo sho.

**On the Final 4**
1. "Mark" - I he was the sharpest gamer. Seems like he could pick-up a game the night before and do Ok enough to win.

2. "Robert" - Was the most skilled at what he did best but could easily choke at other games. He had good strategy in the house.

3. "Swoozie" - I felt like was the most well rounded gamer. That halo competition sucked but he had a lead of 5 mins and still lost. He should of been in the Finals.

4. "Jamal" - I can't stand that guy. I don't know if you could ever be over confident and over c0cky. gotta give it to him he did get that "$1000" cash during the all night Halo tourny. Didn't leave empty-handed.

A sharp gamer, that can pick up games and be Ok at them(small amount of time) will have a better chance of winning every time. Instead of relying on just special skills at certain genres. I fall in line more with a "SWOOZIE" type gamer.

DNAgent3513d ago

It's just a bunch of casual gamers playing casual games and they think they are the best gamer. lmao

krauley3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

how can you call this real gaming? the one show i watched, they had the gamers hanging upside down driving. i dont know about you but if im gonna call my self a gamer champion, im gonna do it straight up (no pun intended) with no catches. im talking about real gamer to gamer competition without twists and tricks. sorry but thats my opinion.

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