IncGamers: Dead Space: Extraction Preview

IncGamers' Tim McDonald looks at the Wii offering of Dead Space: Extraction.

"Yes, Dead Space Extraction is a rail-shooter, but it's a rail-shooter with a bit more to it than just shooting and it certainly looks like it has a bit more meat to it than just pointing your Wiimote at the screen and shooting."

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Leord3490d ago

Lol, a bit more meat :)

Cogo3490d ago

I've been waiting for previews of Dead Space on the wii. Thanks whomever posted the news on N4G :)

(since it's not visible until the story is approved)

Fyzzu3490d ago

Doesn't look half bad. I loved Umbrella Chronicles but it sounds like this has more going for it.

AndyA3490d ago

Hope it retains the atmosphere of the first game.