When Will Microsoft Lower The Price On It's Accessories?

It's 2009, and the Xbox 360 has been out for nearly four years. Over those past four years, consumers have seen multiple models introduced and numerous price drops. Yet it is 2009, and their basic accessories to the console are so overpriced that it is ridiculous.

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qface643516d ago

yeah their accessories are over priced rip offs if you ask me
they really should lower their prices at least on certain ones

TrevorPhillips3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I know its annoying today I went to EBgames and the camera was still 55 bucks rip off

NewZealander3516d ago

yeah i would buy a wireless thingy if the price wasnt so high, i stream media to my console in the lounge, being able to stream it to the bedroom too would be sweet.

bigger hard drive would be nice too, if they just lower the prices they would sell alot more product, but if they want to be tight then no wonder these things dont sell well.

dale13516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

i doubt if there drop the price when there losing money on the hardware,it does become exspensive compared to the ps3 when you add a wifi,hdd drive then your still short of a real hd system when its missing bluray all together and 2.0 at that.its a little last gen already but its cheap if you want no dlc,no online and just single game play,the arcade does the job.there again the ps2 would also suit that type of player with its back catalogue and the games been really cheap.